SpecFicNZ Newsletter Going on Hiatus

The SpecFicNZ e-newsletter will be going on hiatus for the rest of 2011. All news, including publication news by our members, can still be sent to specficnz(at)gmail.com and will be posted to the website.

As our website has developed, the e-newsletter has become somewhat redundant, as it simply republishes what has already been posted to the website. It is our plan, with the help of the newly nominated committee, to revamp the newsletter into a new, informative, professional, SpecFicNZ journal, complete with non-fiction articles on writing and fiction on an issued theme.

Details will be forthcoming as the plans are finalized.

We expect this to be an exiting new endeavor that will move SpecFicNZ forward in service to our members.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of this idea in the comments area below, or by e-mail to specficnz(at)gmail.com.

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